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histrionic / театральный, наигранный, актерский
имя прилагательное
theatrical, stage, dramatic, onstage, histrionic, scenic
histrionic, factitious, histrionical
dramatic, histrionic, histrionical, actorish
stage, scenic, theatrical, onstage, histrionic, stagy
dramatic, dramatical, histrionic, Thespian
имя существительное
actor, player, comedian, trouper, mummer, histrionic
имя прилагательное
overly theatrical or melodramatic in character or style.
a histrionic outburst
имя существительное
exaggerated dramatic behavior designed to attract attention.
discussions around the issue have been based as much in histrionics as in history
an actor.
Possibly, this sympathy could appear somewhat self-indulgent, or over-dramatic, if not actually absurdly histrionic .
It also works because of Don Cheadle's subdued yet intense performance which sidesteps every histrionic outburst that his part invites.
Mary got her groove back with last year's No More Drama, a stellar R&B album that played with melodrama but never flew into histrionic territory.
Her captivating beauty and histrionic talent add to her persona.
Dubble pushed off into the air again and in a histrionic sally swung his arms open, as if to dramatize his explanation.
Spellbound inmates have been cheering every dialogue and applauding the histrionic skills of actors.
Judge Smith became the target of a ‘borking,’ a campaign of histrionic criticism intended to block a presidential appointment.
Sung like this on the concert platform, it would sound histrionic ; here it was entirely authentic.
However, rereading what I consider rather histrionic bile, and, moreover, reading it carefully, is something I can put off for days.
Thank God, it's also not ‘entertaining’ in the histrionic style of films such as Girl, Interrupted and A Beautiful Mind.