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historiography / историография
имя существительное
имя существительное
the study of historical writing.
From where a historian speaks or writes may impact historiography as much as when one speaks.
Although he was writing about literature, Steiner's words apply equally to historiography .
It is doubtful, however, that Edwards' work would have anticipated modern historiography as some claim.
But Tacitus did not write according to the canons of modern historiography .
The real abyss separating Deutscher from modern historiography is a moral one.
Together, they amount to a substantial critique of the history and historiography of witchcraft, sexuality and religion in early modern Europe.
Written histories always become historiography; all history is historiography .
This collection of essays on history and historiography by the American historian was first published in 1987.
His Iberian study also serves to exemplify advances in medieval research and historiography since the series' predecessor.
These features have interesting parallels with accounting history and historiography .
Koyre's idealist historiography of science reinforced the postpositivist tendency to assimilate the history of science to the history of ideas.