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historical / исторический, исторически установленный
имя прилагательное
historical, historic
исторически установленный
historical, historic
имя прилагательное
of or concerning history; concerning past events.
the historical background to such studies
The role of cavalry was far more complicated and is well worth historical study.
It is, supposedly, new and different and it would be inappropriate to set every event in its historical context.
I plunged head first into this story after being inspired by other historical stories I have read.
Two historical figures, then, standout as examples and mentors for us today.
Giggleswick writer Julie Majzlik found fame after penning three successful historical romance novels.
We give a little historical background to these events in our article Babylonian mathematics.
One would have to be very naive to expect any historical Hollywood film to be accurate.
The book consists of an interesting introduction followed by a biblical, theological and historical study.
There's a speculative component to attempting to do diagnoses on historical figures.
Years ago, authors used to take their time about writing about historical figures.