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historic / исторический, исторически установленный
имя прилагательное
historical, historic
исторически установленный
historical, historic
имя прилагательное
famous or important in history, or potentially so.
we are standing on a historic site
(of a tense) used in the narration of past events, especially Latin and Greek imperfect and pluperfect.
For 2,532 years these historic sites have held importance in the mind of the Buddhists.
Instead, he argued that it was important to win a historic third term.
Tourism in Kerala thrives not thanks to any sites of religious or historic significance.
Two of Pembroke Dock's most important historic buildings are being given a major facelift.
The second issue that has caused concern is the definition of historic heritage.
Luxor in Egypt is renowned for its great historic sites but now a special school is making its own bit of history.
They had greatly enjoyed the trip and it was a historic and important occasion, he said.
Not many places can boast being both a centre of historic importance and outstanding natural beauty.
Mr Ahern said it was a challenging and important post at a historic point in the union's development.
It is important that the historic perspective to the issue be explored openly.