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hiss / шипение, свист
имя существительное
hiss, hissing, sizzle, fizz, sizzling, effervescence
whistling, whistle, whiz, hiss, swish, hissing
hiss, sizzle, fizz, sputter, frizz, spit
boo, hiss, catcall, barrack, goose, bo
имя существительное
a sharp sibilant sound.
the spit and hiss of a cornered cat
make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s.
the escaping gas was now hissing
The drums bubble and hiss like gas escaped from slashing ginsu blades, building into a delicious bumping middle section.
All of them black as midnight, all of them with beady eyes and sharp claws and the ability to hiss on demand.
Gas heaters usually hiss when they operate and they usually require a venting system to avoid the buildup of dangerous byproducts.
tape hiss
I can hiss here, of course; this is the big sloppy Etch-A-Retch for the daily moods.
The audio is clear, with no noticeable hiss or other distortion, and dialogue is easily understood.
a hiss of annoyance
He had let out a sharp hiss at the sting, but one look from Abigail instantly silenced him.
The man fidgeted, trying to get loose, but stopped abruptly with a sharp hiss of pain.
I found it very pleasing with no distortion and minimal hiss .