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hirsute / волосатый, косматый
имя прилагательное
hairy, haired, hirsute, shaggy, crinite
shaggy, shag, rough, hirsute, ragged, mope-headed
имя прилагательное
their hirsute chests
It's not the hair on his chest that socially disadvantages the hirsute man.
And as a hirsute man, I don't think a blast of bronzing mist would do me any good whatsoever.
He is no longer the hirsute bombshell he was in those years, but his love for the jersey, his influence on Limerick hurling, is as strong as ever.
He's by no means hirsute himself, judging by the jacket portrait.
They all know who Kahlo is, especially since a hirsute Salma Hayek played her in the Oscar-nominated biopic Frida.
In college I was introduced to a friend's friend, a short, cute, hirsute writer named L. who drank too much.
And what did an irredeemably hirsute activist do?
I am huddled in a tight semicircle with a group of exceedingly hirsute young men, all wearing corduroy sport coats, all staring intently at the stage.
One of the two is hirsute and capable of weaving, whereas the other is bald and incapable of weaving.
All else having failed, will their hirsute image do the trick?