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hire / прокат, наем, плата за наем
имя существительное
hire, rent, livery
rent, hire, employment, lease, recruiting, leasehold
плата за наем
hire, employ, engage, take, rent, charter
брать напрокат
сдавать внаем
lease, let, hire, let out, hire out, let out on hire
имя существительное
the action of hiring someone or something.
Meanwhile, back at the airport, the cost of car hire and charter flights out of Ireland are savage in comparison with our neighbours.
a person who is hired; an employee.
new hires go through six months of training
employ (someone) for wages.
management hired and fired labor in line with demand
obtain the temporary use of (something) for an agreed payment; rent.
she had to hire a dress for the wedding
Anglers can obtain permits and hire a boat from John Scotts Shop, Aughagower, Westport.
I can refuse to be the manager and we can hire someone.
If the Broncos would fire him tomorrow, there would be a line of teams willing to fire their coaches and hire him.
Travellers will also be able to book hotels, car hire , insurance and other travel services through the site.
most train stations hire out cycles
And as in Europe, airports should be free to hire certified private security firms to perform these services.
Before travelling, I opted to hire a car via the internet.
Selma wanted more corporations to hire her as their primary medical vendor.
Car hire is only available with a driver in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat.
And they will hire the finest lawyers and planners to navigate their private fortunes safely through the arcane niceties of the tax code.