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hipster / битник, хипстер, фанат джаза
имя существительное
hipster, beatnik, beat
фанат джаза
человек, презирающий условности
имя существительное
a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.
And yes, I wrote an article for The American Conservative about a new trend of conservative hipsters .
pants having a waistline at the hips; hip-huggers.
Her figure looked fine but the jeans were hipsters and the tank top was a little short.
имя прилагательное
(of a garment) having the waistline at the hips rather than the waist.
You can spot these on skinny girls wearing hipster clothing.
It's so thin on text that it might just merit a nice 20-minute ‘flip-through’ at your local hipster small-press bookstore.
Everyone's linking to this article proclaiming that the hipster is dead and that nobody cares about being cool or hip anymore.
Her long black hair is thick and luscious, while her outfit - lavender T-shirt and hipster jeans - are perfect against her slender curves.
After her refreshing shower, Sarah changed into a pair of hipster jeans and a tight black top that had ‘Hamilton Island’ on it.
And seeing as this is the Linus, a hipster is what I am.
‘How about, your baggy hipster skate jeans, your ‘Anger Management’ shirt, with your sisters blue jumper?’
They came in their wellies and wax jackets, but tracksuits, hipster jeans, dainty shoes and sparkly tops were also on show.
Even thinking about the business of being a hipster exhausts me.
The spring women's line features off-the-shoulder blouses, miniskirts and hipster trousers.
Only one thing became apparent from all this: The passion of the hipster .