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hippo / гиппопотам
имя существительное
hippopotamus, hippo, sea cow, river-horse
The wildlife to see here includes buffalo, hippo , black rhino, lion and wild dog.
Still to be introduced are the hippo , cheetah, lion and brown hyena.
All carnivores would be in one zone, and a miniature savannah with deer, rhino, elephant, giraffe and hippo forming another.
A guard with a motorcycle and a shotgun could move through fields at night and work with farmers to scare elephants and hippos .
Once the two hippos are comfortable with each other, Mzee will be returned to his original grounds with other tortoises.
The family had a wild time in Disney's Animal Kingdom and enjoyed close encounters with giraffes, hippos , lions and tigers.
The modern hippos are divided into two genera and two species.
Like elephants, hippos and bushpigs, porcupines are nocturnal crop raiders.
They found lemurs the size of gorillas, hippos no bigger than pigs and enormous elephant birds.
Until well into the 1980s, anatomical studies suggested that hippos may have evolved from pigs.