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hip / бедро, вальма, бок
имя существительное
hip, thigh, femur, haunch, ham, reed
side, flank, hip, wall, sidepiece, side elevation
gloom, despondency, discouragement, dejection, depression, hip
конек крыши
gable, comb, hip, apex, crease, crest
имя прилагательное
hip, coxal
fashionable, trendy, stylish, fancy, hip, modish
knowing, aware, competent, acquainted, informed, hip
понимающий толк
повергать в уныние
cast down, hip
имя прилагательное
following the latest fashion, especially in popular music and clothes.
it's becoming hip to be environmentally conscious
имя существительное
a projection of the pelvis and upper thigh bone on each side of the body in human beings and quadrupeds.
Vixen placed her hands on her hips and one eye brow rose as she stopped at the hallway near the mini bar and only a few meters away was Harvey.
the sharp edge of a roof from the ridge to the eaves where two sides meet.
Did you know that the hip tiles on this roof were arris hip tiles?
the fruit of a rose, especially a wild kind.
Evening primrose, wheat germ, and rose hip seed oils all make fine additives to this mask.
introducing a communal cheer.
hip, hip, hooray!
You need to stretch the entire body because a tight hip on one side can contribute to a low back problem on the other!
For a lot of teens body piercing is a hip accessory or fashion statement.
So I'm trolling around all the usual suspect Web sites, asking friends, the whole thing and nobody knows a cute, hip place to stay.
Sunburst jewelry makes a hip gift for any chick on your list and, at only $16 a pop, the pins are totally affordable.
Mannequins are being given a new look to showcase hip fashion trends.
Reaching for the pitcher on the nightstand, he poured a glass of water, then propped a hip on the edge of the bed.
He's hip to what he calls "the game" the music business has evolved into.
Not only was there damage to my hip , but my pelvis had been fractured as well.
People in Manhattan were scouring thrift stores for them; Hush Puppies were turning up in hip fashion shoots.
In celebrity circles, the hip fashion accessory today is a swollen belly.