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hint / намек, совет, оттенок
имя существительное
hint, allusion, cue, reference, suggestion, inkling
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, hint
shade, tone, hue, tint, color, hint
raid, bloom, touch, swoop, scurf, hint
hint, allude, insinuate, suggest, tip off, intimate
имя существительное
a slight or indirect indication or suggestion.
he has given no hint of his views
suggest or indicate something indirectly or covertly.
there were those who hinted at doctored evidence
It comes with rain-sensitive wipers, cruise control and lights which turn themselves on at the slightest hint of darkness.
Chanelle replied quickly, a slight hint of hesitation in her voice.
Any hint that nuclear energy might fill the void is treated as serious blasphemy.
But we view our own political elites, fighting against them, with more than a hint of suspicion.
I have examined post-Honey photographs of Hipgrave and have yet to see the slightest hint of unsightly stretch marks.
Team-work touched with a hint of madness is what seems to appeal, which is why Rodrigues has settled in so well.
The audio, presented in its original mono, is quite good as well, with only a hint of residual hiss.
he has given no hint of his views
His hair was pitch black, his eyes were a dark brown with a slight hint of green.
I can take their advice on issues I raise, and they can suggest options without the slightest hint of offence if I decline.