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hinge / петля, шарнир, стержень
имя существительное
loop, hinge, noose, buttonhole, mesh, stitch
hinge, joint, articulation, link, knuckle, knuckle-joint
kernel, rod, bar, core, stem, hinge
hook, crook, piton, grapple, hanger, hinge
point, core, substance, heart, gist, hinge
depend, rely, hinge, turn on
rotate, revolve, turn, turn around, run, hinge
прикреплять на петлях
вешать на петлях
висеть на петлях
имя существительное
a movable joint or mechanism on which a door, gate, or lid swings as it opens and closes, or that connects linked objects.
He had only time to back away before the thick wooden doors swung open, hinges protesting loudly.
attach or join with or as if with a hinge.
the ironing board was set into the wall and hinged at the bottom
A good analog of the decrescent side is the interarea of brachiopods or the hinge area of bivalves.
the future of the industry could hinge on the outcome of next month's election
The hinge ligament of bivalve shell is an example of a complex development.
So the 1530's is indeed the hinge decade for English history.
Dr. Borje Walldius in Sweden replaced knees in 1953 with a simple hinge joint but knees are complex and these replacements often loosened.
With pushdowns, make sure the only things moving are your forearms via the hinge joint at your elbows.
He flipped the hinge and the door opened, revealing several small boxes.
When the gallery is open, the door will hinge out into the foyer so that it offers another perspective on the building.
this period can be called the hinge of history
Cop Rock represents a hinge , a pivotal point on the door of possibility.