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hindsight / взгляд в прошлое, непредусмотрительность, прицел
имя существительное
взгляд в прошлое
hindsight, flashback, retrospect
hindsight, improvidence
aim, sight, bead, rear sight, backsight, hindsight
имя существительное
understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.
with hindsight , I should never have gone
Many times I look back in hindsight and think of how I should have handled a situation.
In hindsight I should have just stayed longer, lay down and waited without embarrassment.
With hindsight , this was a life in hiding, which reached its nadir long after her husband died of a brain tumour.
In hindsight this was already a fairly insensitive and stupid thing to do and almost entirely devoid of humour.
In hindsight , he believes things came too early for him, as his club side snapped up the domestic honours.
with hindsight , I should never have gone
I take no gratification from being right, and I write this not just with the benefit of hindsight .
If we rid ourself of hindsight and our own contemporary mindset, we can see that they had no choice but to opt for the latter.
In hindsight , Tung and his ministers can certainly see they could have done a better job.
With the benefit of hindsight , I prefer to be philosophical about my experience.