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hinder / препятствовать, мешать, быть помехой
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, hamper
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, hinder
быть помехой
interfere, hinder, handicap
имя прилагательное
rear, back, posterior, hind, tail, hinder
имя прилагательное
(especially of a bodily part) rear; hind.
the hinder end of its body
create difficulties for (someone or something), resulting in delay or obstruction.
various family stalemates were hindering communication
Memory is seated in the hinder cell of the brain, it is the great register to the little world; and its office is to record things either done and past, or to be done.
With these uses come consequences, and these consequences have created problems and hinder survival of humans.
No matter what sort of buttonholes your machine creates, there are several ways you can help or hinder the process.
Moreover, communication difficulties can hinder immigrant students' interaction with nonimmigrant peers.
When the fish is too large to be swallowed entire, the hinder portion will be bitten off and the anterior part allowed to float or sink.
The man's mass seemed to both hinder his movements and create a more menacing movement at the same time.
He stated that the fore part of the brain contained three ventricles, and the hinder part, one.
We are already getting into the next cropping season and any delay will hinder planning as well.
As William told it, ‘He forgot to fit a tail on his hinder parts.’
Protesters say this delay will hinder development of the region and is unfair to road users since they pay the same road tax as other citizens.