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hind / лань, батрак, самка оленя
имя существительное
doe, deer, hind, fallow-deer
farmhand, farm laborer, peon, cottier, cottager, hind
самка оленя
doe, hind
peasant, rustic, countryman, plowman, cottager, hind
работник на ферме
имя прилагательное
rear, back, posterior, hind, tail, rearward
имя прилагательное
(especially of a bodily part) situated at the back; posterior.
he snagged a calf by the hind leg
имя существительное
a female deer, especially a red deer or sika in and after its third year.
In red deer, dominant hinds produce a male-biased offspring sex ratio, but only at low population density.
any of several large edible groupers with spotted markings.
Small hard-skinned fish such as snappers, grouper, breams and hind should be gutted and scaled on capture and kept in slurry.
a skilled farm worker.
(added to nouns) at the back; posterior.
Path reared up onto her hind legs, kicking more of the enemy with her iron-like hooves.
This was associated with infection by a flatworm or fluke infection called Ribeiroia, which formed cysts near the hind legs.
Have you ever been roared at by a man-eater with fangs four inches away from your face, as it reared on its hind legs to lunge six feet tall at you?
It howled again, then reared back onto its hind two legs.
The dragon reared up onto its hind legs, his front foot connecting roughly with Fin's chest.
The Elders showed them how to gut the carcass and prepare the hide with a traditional tool fashioned from a hind leg bone.
The unicorn whinnied and reared up onto her hind legs, ‘I'll take it from her Mel.’
Some apes started walking on hind legs, employing their forelimbs as hands for holding and shaping tools.
One of the animals filled the screen, rearing up on its hind legs and seemingly staring back at her with dark eyes.
Tyran reared onto his hind legs in rage, his nostrils flaring and his breathing intense.