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hilt / рукоятка, эфес
имя существительное
lever, handle, grip, arm, hilt, handgrip
hilt, sword hilt, grip
имя существительное
the handle of a weapon or tool, especially a sword, dagger, or knife.
Quad's hands gripped sword hilts , cueing Mack to bring his rifle to a firing position.
I let the arrow fly just as Blaise gripped the hilt of her knife and it landed solidly in the wooden sign.
He firmly gripped the hilt of his long sword and shouted brief words of refusal.
The last thing Jack remembered was gripping the hilt of his sword before he was knocked out.
Her left hand closed around an invisible scabbard and her right hand clutched the hilt of a sword.
They saw Rurik shift his grip on his sword hilt and Banor stretch his right arm, ready to use magic.
His hand griped the hilt of his sword, the blade drawn but down so the point traced a line in the snow.
Hanging at her waist, the hilt of a dagger protruded from its lacquered wooden scabbard.
Angel gripped the hilt of the dagger, still not certain whether he was friend or foe.
Lodge put his sunglasses on and stood up, his hand gripped around the hilt of his weapon.
She gripped the weapon by its hilt and its sheathe and carefully lifted it down from its hooks.