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hilltop / на вершине холма
имя существительное
the summit of a hill.
But it's now believed to come from ‘kan’ or ‘summit’, because the earliest settlers settled on the summits or hilltops .
From a hilltop , Bill Adams points to the next ridge, which is now heavily wooded.
Kammu houses are built close together in the village, located on a hilltop or halfway up a mountain.
No sooner had he done this than it was decided to move the Academy from the damp riverside to the hilltop .
As the region was swamped by the new lake and hilltops turned into small islands, top predators like jaguars and harpy eagles fled the area.
On Monday they will head off to explore the extensive network of ancient trails and bridleways that cross the valleys and hilltops .
Less lime is generally required on bottomland, more on hillsides and the most on hilltops .
Willow will be planted to shore up the banks of the River Devon and wetland created to soak up water on neighbouring hilltops .
This may explain, in part, why this is occurring on many hillsides or hilltops .
No one-off houses scar the hilltops and valleys.
They occur in many different situations in the landscape including river valleys and hilltops .