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hillbilly / деревенский
имя прилагательное
rustic, rural, country, hillbilly, countrified, russet
имя существительное
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, yokel
имя существительное
an unsophisticated country person, associated originally with the remote regions of the Appalachians.
When we want to go to Appalachia and take photos of the hillbillies , we don't hire Hollywood actors, because that just wouldn't cut it.
Fuller is a stout purist when it comes to his hillbilly music, and has some serious rules before you can climb up on his stage.
At times that means straighter pop tinted by shades of folk, country and indie rock and at other times, screaming hillbilly thrash.
‘I want to go back to when things were so simple’ sings Weiss in a high-pitched hillbilly squeal on ‘Piggly Wiggly’.
‘I'm a hillbilly singer with delusions of grandeur,’ Earle says, with a guffaw.
This time around, the focus is on gospel-based material rather than bluegrass and hillbilly music.
Even in high school, in that variety show, I went out and did a hillbilly rendition of a song, in addition to that rockabilly band I had.
Here's what the hillbilly rocker had to say about his little monster.
In the winter of 1940, a twenty-seven-year-old hillbilly singer named Woody Guthrie headed east to New York City.
he played sweet hillbilly guitar
Featuring the talents of Cynthia Frazzini and Craig Aspen, The Believers' sound blends Americana rock with folk-country and a hillbilly twang.