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hill / холм, возвышенность, гора
имя существительное
hill, mound, knoll, rise, mount, height
elevation, hill, rise, sublimity, height, loftiness
mountain, mount, hill
hill, cabinet, chute, zoom, buffet
slope, hill, side, flank, descent, declivity
spud, hill, earth, hill up
насыпать кучу
имя существительное
a naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain.
The instructions were to design a simple landscape sketch using a minimum of five to six land forms - hills , mountains, lakes and so on.
form (something) into a heap.
The couscous plate is a hill of semoule with carrots, chickpeas, a potato, two merguez and savoury broth.
Dip in to any part of the page and it's like lifting a rock off a hill of sleaze.
Above the crest of the craggy hill the pilots had landed on, a small squad of Germans appeared, shouting and motioning to the parachutes.
if frost threatens our new plants, we hill them up
But all this variety and good looks wouldn't amount to a hill of slush without some solid control.
It is a position that has long been no more than a hill of rhetorical dung.
I was going up a hill on an 80k road, and he told me to accelerate.
Backward rolls were always more difficult, though, because there was no way to see the end of the hill or mountainside.
Scary Street runs up a steep hill to a T junction onto a busy road.
He was standing on a hill of sand, so he was much higher than her.