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Транскрипция и произношение слова "hike" в британском и американском вариантах. Подробный перевод и примеры.

hike / поход, подъем, повышение
имя существительное
campaign, hike, crusade
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, hike
rise, raise, rising, elevation, hike, advance
excursion, tour, trip, hike, ramble, treat
пешеходная экскурсия
hiking, hike
travel, go, journey, voyage, hike, peregrinate
raise, enhance, boost, up, promote, hike
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, hike
ходить пешком
wander, roam, ferment, prowl, ramble, hike
имя существительное
a long walk, especially in the country or wilderness.
Don't let April showers deter you from getting outside for a walk, hike or bike ride.
a sharp increase, especially in price.
fears of a hike in interest rates
a snap.
he takes the hike, drops back, and fakes to his right
walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods.
we planned to hike another mile up a steep trail
pull or lift up (something, especially clothing).
he hiked up his sweatpants and marched to the door
snap (a football).
We, in effect, treated them as footballs and hiked , and passed and went out for catches in the office.
The project hit a road block soon after the Assembly elections, when the contractor stopped the work, demanding a hike in the project cost.
The strike's continuation will mean Venezuela's economic collapse and a hike in world oil prices.
Go on a hike or nature walk in the wilderness two hours from your hometown.
This high-altitude trek offers a dramatic hike up to 18,450-foot Kala Patar for close-up views of Everest.
a five-mile hike across rough terrain
But right now, as companies hike prices judiciously, most economists are confident that inflation is still under control.
BDA terminated the contract as the contractor failed to meet deadlines, besides demanding a hike in the estimated cost.
we planned to hike another mile up a steep trail
fears of a hike in interest rates
Both men will begin their ascent on Saturday morning, continuing their hike up the mountain on Sunday.