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highway / шоссе, магистраль, автомагистраль
имя существительное
highway, road, roadway, high road, metalled road
highway, main, trunk, main line, artery, arterial road
motorway, highway, thruway, high road, throughway
имя прилагательное
road, travel, traveling, highway, viatical, itinerary
Travelling the information highway can be an exhilarating journey, but for many it can also be like flying blind.
the highway to success
The government has blocked off a major highway for street markets, concerts and plays.
an information highway
And part of the enjoyment is finding others on the cyber highway system and reading what they have to say too.
a six-lane highway
the highway to success
I nodded once and looked back out the window as he pulled off the main highway onto a side road.
a six-lane highway
To get there, head towards Gyeongju on the main highway out of town and just follow the signs.