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hightail / мчаться со всех ног, мчаться на высокой скорости
мчаться со всех ног
мчаться на высокой скорости
move or travel fast.
I cut my trip short and hightailed it home
But even then, most people and businesses didn't hightail it to Kansas.
I can hightail it out of there, so she doesn't have to face me.
We nosed and drifted until it was time to hightail back to Hortobágy village for the bull market.
He started swearing at me at top volume and I changed directions and hightailed it down 3rd St. toward home.
But they didn't draw their swords, oh no, they hightailed out of there like a dog with his tail between his legs.
Then I hightailed across town to see ‘King of Stains’ at Bats, where Gibby played the most unlikeable character ever, and so well!
After she got the check from his parents she hightailed out of town and never looked back.
Suddenly, the mouse hightailed it out from under the keyboard and went back over the backside of the desk.
Well, he sure did look surprised at my honesty, but, thank goodness, he wasn't hightailing out that door.
‘I'm very proud of where I'm from,’ he said in 1963, two years after he'd hightailed out.