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highfalutin / напыщенность
имя существительное
bombast, flatulence, pomposity, highfalutin, grandiloquence, sententiousness
имя прилагательное
pompous, bombastic, stilted, turgid, highfalutin, flatulent
имя прилагательное
(especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious.
you don't want any highfalutin jargon
Although it is all highfalutin balderdash, a semblance of sense does surface here and there - for example, in the scenery and the cast of characters.
Whatever theme Jones claims to explore in his highfalutin program note, the actual choreography lacks depth, structure, musicality - rigor of any kind, really.
I don't want to sound highfalutin , but the idea for that came to me from a play I'd seen at the old Vic under Jonathan Miller.
What all this highfalutin molecular biology should teach us is that we can't just throw up our hands and say: ‘His genes made him do it.’
I could offer more highfalutin reasons as well.
Recently, we've seen people start to fret about the looming attention crisis, which is a highfalutin way of saying they're becoming overwhelmed by the number of blogs in their RSS feeds.
There's no surer way for a writer to make herself look stupid than to employ a highfalutin phrase incorrectly.
The man has a talent for spewing highfalutin drivel (mainly in print), and it can taint his otherwise engaging records.
They persuasively argue that in all the generalized and sometimes highfalutin talk about globalization, the central role that women play in the massive migrations that define and sustain the new economy has been ignored.
Forget all that highfalutin talk about competition and laissez-faire.