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highbrow / интеллектуал, далекий от жизни ученый
имя существительное
intellectual, highbrow, egghead, longhair
далекий от жизни ученый
имя прилагательное
arrogant, haughty, contemptuous, lofty, supercilious, highbrow
претендующий на интеллигентность
имя прилагательное
scholarly or rarefied in taste.
innovatory art had a small, mostly highbrow following
имя существительное
a highbrow person.
In the 1999 series ‘Resolutions,’ Chicago continues to address the audience she has created of mainly middle- and working-class women, an audience easily dismissed by both highbrows and lowbrows.
I think that artists and the cultural sector can often seem unnecessarily highbrow .
Woke up this morning to a very highbrow debate on Radio National between George Monbiot, Christopher Hitchens and Lewis Lapham on the death of the Left.
So, if you thought ‘Ulysses’ was only for highbrow academics, come along and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!
This sort of evening is not for highbrow music lovers, but for people who enjoy listening to ‘normal’ Christmas carols.
He has inexpensive tastes, even if he likes highbrow culture, and has the common touch.
There are lots of people trying to dumb down, trying to make highbrow stuff more real, more visceral.
People who think that he should make the International Festival more populist, as opposed to highbrow , have clearly missed the point.
Their literature sections are supposedly quite highbrow , but they still have lots of popular stuff.
Although the ballet may not receive great acclaim from highbrow ballet lovers, it has had 6,000 performances overseas and organizers are confident Chinese audiences will respond warmly.
I hate this attitude that classical music or the arts have to be highbrow .