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high-toned / благородный, возвышенный, манерный
имя прилагательное
noble, honorable, generous, genteel, knightly, high-toned
exalted, sublime, elevated, lofty, high, high-toned
mannered, affected, ceremonious, high-toned, niminy-piminy, la-di-da
с претензиями
имя прилагательное
stylish or superior.
she's getting high-toned and putting on airs
A painting like Elevated was at once a confrontation with New York's urban jungle and an experiment in an edgy, high-toned , Cubist-derived modernism.
With property taxes spiraling dramatically, the place also risks turning into a high-toned playground for the rich.
Note that there is no commentary allowed in my pristine, high-toned blog here.
There would be no threats of boycotts; there would be no marches; there would be no high-toned talk.
Though typical in its insistence on the brand's exotic appeal, Price's endorsement was unusually high-toned .
She offers a high-toned essay on two stage performers behind a bright-red scrim, posed in front of gloriously vivid flowers.
My Baby's Lost has the most interesting of the beats on the record, with Eamon's showing off the finer points of his high-toned voice.
Perhaps one shouldn't make too much of the high-toned language.
Prospects see those high-toned communiques and imagine their own messages similarly adorned.
From her conversation with Sylvia, Bob gathered that Caroline spent her evenings at high-toned discotheques and gambling clubs, her days recuperating.