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high-tech / передовая технология, современная технология
имя существительное
передовая технология
high tech
современная технология
high tech, hi-tech
имя прилагательное
employing, requiring, or involved in high technology.
a high-tech security system
There is a lot of crossover in the technologies involved with high-tech devices.
It has been earmarked in the plan as a prime location for the siting of high-tech industry.
It was so high-tech looking, it could have been an emergency escape pod, or something.
She said local residents would be able to use the high-tech lecture halls and computer facilities.
It's the first time the committee has applied such a high-tech security system.
Powers marshals his material cogently and genially, from Arts and Crafts to high-tech .
Once opened, you are greeted with a very modern, high-tech interior which is deceptively spacious.
At the rear of each court is a high-tech glass wall that rises to the full height of the building.
Behind the drums, on his high-tech sound system, Dr Prince puts on a compact disc of Goran Bregovic.
It is a high-tech system that provides storage and distribution of clinical images across the whole hospital.