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high-speed / быстроходный, скоростной, быстрорежущий
имя прилагательное
rakish, spanking, high-speed
velocity, rapid, high-speed, fast-moving
имя прилагательное
moving, operating, or happening very quickly.
high-speed travel
The waters of the Adriatic were rough and made the high-speed ferry list back and forth dangerously.
According to some predictions, every household, school and library will have high-speed broadband access to the Internet by the end of this year.
Mr Jowett's cycling career was never the same after he was injured in a high-speed crash in the Lake District in 1977 but he continued riding his bike until two years ago.
Cobalt is used in high-speed steels and increases the red hardness so that they can be used at higher operating temperatures.
That service was sidelined in April when a safety inspection turned up cracks on the brake rotors of all 20 high-speed trains.
Main-line drivers operate high-speed trains on longer journeys and shifts include nights away from home while freight drivers are required to do more night work.
Tool materials may be high-speed steel, cast alloy, or tungsten carbide.
At the low end you have blades made from high-speed steel with only around 10 to 12 teeth.
The Shinkansen was part of a fleet of high-speed trains which experts say represented one of the biggest advances in railway technology.
Just two or three years ago, hotels that offered guests in-room high-speed Internet access were still somewhat of a novelty.