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high-rise / высотный, многоэтажный
имя прилагательное
altitudinal, high-rise
multistorey, multistory, multistage, high-rise
имя существительное
высотное здание
многоэтажное здание
имя прилагательное
(of a building) having many stories.
office towers and high-rise apartments
имя существительное
a building with many stories.
The wide view outside displays Shanghai's historical buildings and modern high-rises .
During the past few months the problems and incidents when answering call-outs at high-rise tower blocks have escalated, they added.
On Malaysia's west coast, thousands of residents fled high-rise apartment buildings and hotels.
Several high-rise office buildings near the embassy were heavily damaged.
All this prosperity manifests itself in the city's swish downtown area, with its glittering high-rise office buildings and hotels.
Wood has given way to cement as the main building material, and new forms of architecture include high-rise buildings for offices and residences, and air-conditioned shopping malls.
Luxury high-rise apartment buildings and large houses have all the amenities one would expect in the United States.
Montevideo is a modern city, with high-rise apartments and office buildings.
Until around the turn of the 21st century, high-rise buildings were quite rare in Vienna.
It's in the grand tradition of big cities that there are little delis, cafés or coffee shops on the main floor of high-rise apartment buildings.
Most South Koreans in urban areas live in high-rise , multistory dwellings.