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high-ranking / высокопоставленный
имя прилагательное
exalted, supernal, high-ranking, top-ranking, top-echelon, high-up
имя прилагательное
having a senior or important position in a particular hierarchy.
a high-ranking government official
Mr. Rafsanjani traveled over the weekend to the northeastern city of Mashad to discuss the postelection political crisis with high-ranking Shiite clerics.
Community leaders have praised Davis for trying to instill more confidence by replacing several high-ranking officials.
Several of the prime suspects, accused by human rights groups of masterminding the violence, are high-ranking government ministers.
I suspect there was only a very small number of high-ranking sources in Iraq.
The court martial highlighted confusion among high-ranking military officers about whether conditioning was lawful or not.
Had she won Williams would have risen to a world career high ranking of third.
Iran's foreign minister says he's optimistic about tomorrow's sit-down with the State Department's third highest ranking diplomat William Burns.
Some people insisted on the ` correct ' versions given by high ranking officials.
Collaborative work received the highest ranking by the survey respondents.
They pushed them through "captive audience" meetings with high ranking BHP managers.