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high-pressure / с высоким давлением, использующий высокое давление, оказывающий давление
имя прилагательное
с высоким давлением
использующий высокое давление
оказывающий давление
оказывающий нажим
имя прилагательное
involving or using much physical force.
high-pressure jets of freezing water
involving a high degree of anxiety or stress.
he worked in a high-pressure advertising job
имя существительное
a condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average (e.g., in an anticyclone).
the high pressure over Texas continues
They don't use mechanical drills but jets of high-pressure hot water, which can cut through the full 500 metre thickness of ice in 24 hours.
The M.E.N. sent a variety of undercover ‘customers’ into Market Street in Manchester city centre to experience the high-pressure sales tactics.
Some of the wells contain a significant amount of gas, and fire-fighters have much more difficulty controlling and capping this type of high-pressure well, the group says.
Preliminary examination of the vessel showed the fire was caused by a leak in a high-pressure fuel line in the No. 2 engine room.
One offender, who wished only to be known as Shane, was using a high-pressure water hose to remove graffiti that had been sprayed across the Co-op supermarket's wall.
Three underground supply pipelines feed the depot, including a high-pressure oil pipeline from the Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire.
When concrete has to be pumped far and fast, a high-capacity / high-pressure concrete pump should be used.
Taking a hot bath and being pummelled by high-pressure underwater jets, surrounded by large numbers of other shower-capped individuals, has rarely felt so enticing as it does here.
Why do time-share sales have to be so high-pressure ?
If the gyms in your area are shifting away from the high-pressure tactics of selling gym memberships, then I commend them, and I hope it is a trend that spreads to the rest of the United States.