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high-powered / мощный, большой мощности, энергичный
имя прилагательное
powerful, potent, mighty, heavy, forceful, high-powered
большой мощности
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, high-powered
influential, powerful, authoritative, grave, puissant, high-powered
important, great, significant, big, momentous, high-powered
имя прилагательное
(of a machine or device) having greater than normal strength or capabilities.
a high-powered rifle
He was very protective of us, and because of his job as a high-powered lawyer who had convicted thousands of drug dealers and criminals to jail, he was a little paranoid that they would try to harm his family.
It's issues like these - and the prospect of helping other men struggling with the difficulties of marriage to a high-powered executive - that spawned his Web site.
Meanwhile, Paul realises his wife - a high-powered advertising executive - might want another child.
The overseas business schools contributing to this new centre of excellence will attract high-powered executives from around the world.
Relishing her best film role for some time, Stockard Channing is the high-powered business executive wedded to her mobile and merciless in the demands she makes on others.
Catering for the high-powered executive, the hotel offers a full set of business services and entertainment.
To be a senior manager, a CEO or any high-powered corporate executive you need to be smart, sharp, presentable and have reasonable charisma.
In Japan, high-powered executives of big corporations are put under stress to make strong, resilient men of them, to make them think fast, to make them make decisions quickly.
His expensive Armani suits are razor sharp, perfect for any high-powered executive, yet flashy enough for a playboy on the prowl.
A high-powered delegation of Waterford city councillors travelled to Dublin yesterday afternoon for a meeting with the Minister.