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high-pitched / высокий, пронзительный, высокий и крутой
имя прилагательное
high, tall, lofty, big, elevated, high-pitched
piercing, shrill, shrilly, penetrating, sharp, high-pitched
высокий и крутой
exalted, sublime, elevated, lofty, high, high-pitched
имя прилагательное
(of a sound) high in pitch.
Above 20,000 hz the high-pitched sounds are not heard by the human ear, but ultrasonic sound is perceptible and even produced by certain animals such as bats and dolphins.
(of a roof) steep.
The Tudor-style architecture, with its stone pillars and high-pitched roofs, is influenced but not created by Kinkade.
We heard her before we saw her: high-pitched cries emanating from the hallway.
The high-pitched sound can only be heard by the young and is designed to be so annoying that they move away.
I grimace, but there is high-pitched laughter from the giggling girls.
My room had two large beds with mosquito nets, elegant dark furniture and a high-pitched thatched roof.
It was a large, three story house with a high-pitched roof and a single, cathedral-esque spire.
Hearing loss in old age is usually gradual, and often begins with being unable to hear the most high-pitched sounds.
And then from the hallway there was a high-pitched yell.
Almost as soon as we dropped into the water we were deafened by a series of high-pitched clicks and squeaks and whistles, and about 20 dolphins turned up.
They ran around the yard, their high-pitched squeals of laughter echoing from all around.
Suddenly, a high-pitched squeal echoed through the valley.