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high-octane / высокооктановый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
denoting gasoline having a high octane number and thus good anti-knock properties.
A petrol tank containing high-octane fuel is beside your seat.
Today's CEOs face the unique challenge of achieving appropriate valuations in a Wall Street climate ruled largely by high-octane portfolio managers driven by near-term horizons.
With the Dow Jones Industrials Average plunging to its lowest level since October 1998 and the NASDAQ faring even worse, the high-octane world of the trading floor is suddenly running on empty.
Even the most high-octane petrolhead should make time for a tour of Goodwood House, which is open from March to October.
Shane Black, best known for his high-octane buddy pictures like Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight, makes his directorial debut after spending a decade away from Hollywood.
The speedy Northern Ireland international turned in a high-octane performance that lifted his team-mates.
That is why high-performance cars generally need high-octane gasoline - their engines are using higher compression ratios to get more power.
The high-octane production recreates the energy, style and music of the stars of the Motown stable.
A high-octane two-part feature-length special launches the return of the critically acclaimed Spooks for a new season this Autumn on BBC ONE.
The 100 cc motor is worth $3000 on its own and the kart runs on high-octane fuel, which costs about $4.80 per litre.
In fact, Reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes that ‘big-game player’ Rooney and his fellow teen terror Cristiano Ronaldo will revel in the high-octane atmosphere they are about to face.