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high-level / на высшем уровне
на высшем уровне
имя прилагательное
exalted, supernal, high-ranking, top-ranking, top-echelon, high-level
происходящий на высшем уровне
имя прилагательное
at or of a level above that which is normal or average.
a high-level cistern
Their response was a series of publicly visible action plans with high-level industrial and political support.
When she was offered the position of artistic director in 2000, she had no experience in high-level management.
Over the past year the Australian government has been involved in a series of high-level negotiations with the US for a bilateral trade agreement.
The authors put forward a theory of a high-level cover-up that involved the CIA.
This problem won't be solved by one high-level official accepting symbolic responsibility and resigning - it's going to require profound systemic change.
Developers often make use of high-level scripting languages as a way of quickly writing flexible code.
At the rear, the talllight clusters are stacked vertically, positioned high out of harm's way, and a high-level brake light is integrated into the roofline above the two rear doors.
Thanks to its perceived strategic importance, the kingdom can count on high-level support in the capital, especially at the White House, State Department and Pentagon.
The original fitted shelves below the high-level air bricks in the rear storage area have not been replaced.
His recent election as vice-president and chairman of the executive will see Mr Worsley involved in high-level talks with regional and national Government, and he will eventually hold the post of president.