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high-grade / высокое качество, крутой подъем
имя существительное
высокое качество
quality, excellence, fineness, high-grade
крутой подъем
rapid ascent, high-grade
имя прилагательное
of good quality, high-grade
quality, fine, high-grade, hi-fi, high-end
rich, wealthy, affluent, abundant, full, high-grade
имя прилагательное
of very good quality.
high-grade printing papers
He specializes in the recovery of gemstones and mineral specimens and in the exploitation of high-grade ore deposits.
At first, miners separated high-grade ore from waste rock underground by hand.
It's elegantly put together on high-grade paper, the writers are almost all well known in this segment, and the design is simplistic and beautiful.
During this time Zeiss has been a leader in improving the quality and performance of high-grade optical equipment.
Surgical instruments are made of titanium, plastic, ceramic, aluminum, or a high-grade nonmagnetic stainless steel.
The Feds replied they most certainly had the right house, as well as a warrant to search it for glass pipes, of which they found a bunch, along with a pound of high-grade marijuana.
At times mining operations had to cease as hundreds of illegal miners entered the pits to steal freshly blasted high-grade ore.
Many mines have zones of high-grade ore that are very profitable to mine.
These funds invest in high-grade corporate bonds, charge less than 1% in fees each year and have top five-year records.
The high-grade ore carried 100-400 ounces of silver and 0.5-3 ounces of gold.