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high-flyer / сторонник высокой церкви, честолюбец
имя существительное
сторонник высокой церкви
high-flyer, high-flier
ambitious man, climber, ambitionist, aspirant, high-flyer, high-flier
Highly regarded by bosses as a potential high-flyer , he moved to the business banking centre in Beechwood business park, Inverness, in 1999.
Margaret's mother, Lily, academic at school and picked out as a high-flyer when she joined Carlisle Health Department, emerges as a victim of her times more than of her temperament.
The high-flyers of the MoD are no longer above the law.
Other high-flyers are much in demand for their skills, which are not learned in an afternoon but come from years of hard-earned experience.
Let's look at what 2005 holds for some of Ireland's high-flyers .
Career high-flyers turning to cocaine to cope with a stressful lifestyle could find their habit spinning out of control, Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team warned this week.
The massive demand for tradesmen means self-employed plumbers can now earn more than many graduate high-flyers , with some in Edinburgh earning £50,000 a year.
Mr Dean, 39, was one of a small group of business high-flyers who agreed to stay at home for 48 hours to give them a taste of what they call remote working.
Unlike most corporate high-flyers who choose to travel to east Africa for a short trip, Michael Carey wasn't going on safari.
But the National Union of Teachers says the high-flyers are unlikely to have the skills needed to succeed in the ‘challenging’ schools.