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high-class / высокого класса, первоклассный
имя прилагательное
высокого класса
scientific, high-class
classy, superfine, topnotch, crack, exclusive, high-class
имя прилагательное
of a high standard, quality, or social class.
a high-class boarding school
I go to the cheap markets and the expensive markets, I mix with low-class and high-class society.
For a spot of high-class window shopping at the expense of Prada, Valentino and Versace, try a stroll down Madison Avenue.
The council can spend as much money on surveys as they like, they will never attract any high-class businesses or get the good shoppers to come back.
He was today starting a seven-year jail sentence exactly one month after the raid at the high-class jewellers near York Minster.
One former high-class call-girl, however, is prepared to explain in detail how some agencies work.
Also among the suggestions being looked at for the site is a high-class hotel, conference centre and restaurant.
Once a fixture at some of Manchester's most high-class establishments, he now rubs shoulders with truckers and tea ladies.
A high-class Bradford city centre restaurant has been put up for sale - less than three months after it was reopened with a new menu.
He comes from a high-class family of mandarin intellectuals who despised commerce and viewed making money as vulgar.
Visitors could stay in one of the planned luxury hotels, enjoy top-quality entertainment at the arena and drop in to the casino before eating in one of the range of high-class restaurants which will grace the waterfront.