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hieroglyph / иероглиф
имя существительное
hieroglyph, character
имя существительное
a stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound, as found in ancient Egyptian and other writing systems.
In much of the Egyptian hieroglyphs , the Pharaoh was often depicted as almost larger than life, with great power and much of Egyptian art is a celebration of his accomplishments.
The name Sekem is a transliteration of an ancient hieroglyph meaning ‘vitality from the sun.’
The Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘city’ was a circle surrounding a cross; but squares and grids were always the more favoured geometry of utopian planners.
It seems that Egyptians continued to use hieroglyphs from around 3000 b.c. until the time of the Roman Empire.
She is believed to have negotiated a highly profitable oil deal with the Nabatean Arabs, and she was the only member of the ruling Macedonian Greek elite who knew how to read hieroglyphs ; she also spoke many foreign languages.
For centuries, the meaning of the mysterious and mystical Egyptian hieroglyphs baffled the greatest minds in the world.
Five columns of Egyptian hieroglyphs run below the cornice and read from right to left, ‘the great one [ruler] of the land of Ugarit, Niqma'd.’
The ancient Egyptians either engraved the hieroglyphs in the stonework of their temples or painted them on the walls of the burial chamber or inscribed them with a reed pen on rolls of papyrus, the antecedent of our paper.
He then translates hieratic writing into hieroglyphs .
It was covered with black symbols that might have been Egyptian hieroglyphs or Chinese characters or some strange hybrid of the two.
There, she uncovered a chest of papyrus scrolls and parchments upon which were written ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs .