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hiding / сокрытие, прятание, порка
имя существительное
concealment, hiding, cloaking, disguise, secretion
flogging, smacking, thrashing, beating, lashing, hiding
имя существительное
a physical beating.
they took off after him, caught him, and gave him a hiding
the action of concealing someone or something.
The house we lived in was brilliant for hiding : lots of dark corners, low shelves, heavy curtains and piles of coats or dressing up clothes stacked in a big old chest.
put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others.
he hid the money in the house
Last year, after the hiding from Cork, we got a bit of pride back the way the lads played against Galway in the Park, they went down fighting.
they caught him and gave him a hiding
A computer programmer from Wigan has gone into hiding after winning the jackpot on TV's Who Wants to be A Millionaire?
Rogers then discharged himself and went into hiding .
Whatever the excuses - and however valid they might be - the league leaders were given a right hiding by the Lanarkshire newcomers.
A few results offered false hope - a victory on Boxing Day away to Motherwell, Livingston taking a hiding at Perth.
In the second half, only a superb display by Paul Green in the Builders' goal separated them from a real hiding as they suffered a hangover from their midweek cup semi-final win.
Enrico Chiesa completed the 8-1 hiding with a penalty.
the shipowner had gone into hiding
But a violent hiding , indulged in by parents who lash out at their children to cover up their own failings, only causes bitter resentment.