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hideaway / укрытие, убежище
имя существительное
shelter, cover, hideout, hideaway, hide, covering
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, hideaway
имя прилагательное
secluded, solitary, lonely, private, remote, hideaway
hidden, latent, covert, occult, ulterior, hideaway
hidden, hideaway, shrouded, hooded, recondite, wrapped up in
имя существительное
a place used as a retreat or a hiding place.
an intimate hideaway overlooking the bay
имя прилагательное
designed to be concealed when not in use.
a hideaway bed
The home features a bedroom and bath with a double bed plus a hideaway bed and sits just 20 feet from a restaurant.
Feeling lazy, I left the walking boots to moulder in the cupboard to just take advantage of the hotel, an old coaching inn which dates from 1750 and was once a hideaway for smugglers.
He withdrew from Hollywood and retreated to a desert hideaway near Las Vegas.
Cut close to the body to minimize bulk, it also has a hideaway hood and cozy pockets, inside and out.
workmen added 4 ft to the top of the 6 ft-high wooden fence round her Surrey hideaway to stop prying eyes
Sean slept on a hideaway couch.
He must have picked this street as a hideaway as it is so quiet and such a safe place to live.
Nice touches: 28 (highway)/20 (city) mpg for the Touring edition, which also features a nine-inch DVD screen with wireless headsets, 17 cup holders, a hideaway lazy Susan, and a six-CD changer.
Harsh persecution pushed many Anabaptists underground and into rural hideaways .
Reptiles are venturing out from their winter hideaways .