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hide / скрывать, прятать, прятаться
hide, conceal, mask, cover, keep, disguise
hide, conceal, bury, secrete, stow away, stash
hide, dodge, shelter, lurk, keep close
hide, lurk, disappear, go into hiding, abscond, skulk
conceal, hide, nurse
имя существительное
skin, hide, pelt, fur, fell, pelage
shelter, cover, hideout, hideaway, hide, covering
leather, skin, hide, dermis, pelt, derma
cache, stash, drop, crypt, hide, recess
охотничья засада
имя существительное
a camouflaged shelter used to get a close view of wildlife.
We expect the camera crew to sit patiently in a camouflaged hide , waiting for the wildlife to wander by.
the skin of an animal, especially when tanned or dressed.
The production of leather from animal hides was a time-consuming and dreadfully smelly process.
a former measure of land used in England, typically equal to between 60 and 120 acres, being the amount that would support a family and its dependents.
In much of England the hide was reckoned as of 120 acres, in Wessex generally as of 40 or 48.
put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others.
he hid the money in the house
she had never managed to develop a hide quite tough enough for his barbs to bounce off
I spent an afternoon observing the female Kentish plover, obtaining good views from an observation hide .
In much of England the hide was reckoned as of 120 acres, in Wessex generally as of 40 or 48.
his feet were protected with strips of hide
Goats feel the cold and dislike damp and wet as they don't have thick fleeces like sheep or tough hide like cows.
A player might start out not looking very tough, but he develops a thick hide and becomes a tough guy at the height of his abilities.
Packers can now remove most of the hair, split the hide , and send the top layer for tanning and the rest for other uses.
Watching from the Breydon Bridge observation hide at high tide, I suddenly became aware of hundreds of dunlin taking wing and climbing high above the saltings.
We made observations from a portable hide positioned at least 6 m from the nest using a telescope.
Wasn't it really because he had the hide to be critical of business and ask tough questions.