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hick / лох, деревенщина, провинциал
имя существительное
goof, hick, nerd, dupe, pigeon, muff
redneck, lout, bushman, hick, hillbilly, yokel
provincial, hick, backwoodsman, provincialist
hiccup, hiccough, hic, hick
hiccup, hiccough, hick
имя прилагательное
provincial, suburban, hick, backwoods, freshwater, Doric
имя существительное
a person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or provincial.
wondering what a hick from the sticks was doing there
Unassuming and usually kind of quiet, he cuts no swath while entering a little hick bar out here in the country.
We were from a real hick town and most of the kids there were related to all the others.
a hick town
Shepherd was a strange species: the hip hick , a defender of the Midwest at the precise moment that America was becoming bicoastal.
This being Los Angeles, and me being a hick from the sticks, I was only a few feet away from asking the shorter guy for an autograph, when I chickened out.
He felt like a hick from Texas, untutored and un-Eastern; he had an accent and a funny haircut.
she puts on a hick accent
I was his lifeline, his manager, and he was my way up and out of a little hick town in the middle of nowhere, he was my ticket to fame.
wondering what a hick from the sticks was doing there
Breaking down into helpless giggles at his dramatization of a country hick 's accent, it took me a while before I was capable of answering him.