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hibernate / зимовать, находиться в зимней спячке, зимовать в теплых краях
winter, hibernate
находиться в зимней спячке
зимовать в теплых краях
быть в бездействии
(of an animal or plant) spend the winter in a dormant state.
Hedgehogs are active only at night, and some species hibernate in the winter.
Once again winter is upon us, and with it comes the cold and the desire to hibernate and stay indoors in front of the heater.
She has the impression that I'm depressed because I essentially hibernate and do artsy stuff.
I need a cold, dark room where I can hibernate for the next four months in my coat, scarf and thick black tights and sip cups of hot soup.
They are diurnal and appear not to hibernate despite the harsh winters of many of their habitats.
During winter I usually hibernate to the point of feeling quite out of touch with most of my friends.
At our study site, lizards hibernate from about September or October until April.
Most puzzling among them are several species that hibernate even when the weather is warm.
Bears hibernate , which means they need to produce much less energy all winter.
This all-round food availability also means that sloth bears have no need to hibernate through the winter months.
I spend so much of the rest of the week with people, that I tend to hibernate on the seventh day.