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hi-fi / высококачественный
имя прилагательное
quality, fine, high-grade, hi-fi, high-end
имя существительное
a set of equipment for high-fidelity sound reproduction, especially a radio or phonograph.
In contrast, the price of equipment like TVs, hi-fis , radios and personal stereos has fallen - and now cost barely a quarter of what you paid for them 15 years ago.
имя прилагательное
of, used for, or relating to the reproduction of music or other sound with high fidelity.
In the course of the night there will be a draw for a number of very attractive prizes including a colour TV, microwave and hi-fi music centre.
Despite a trim silhouette, this mini CD / amplifier combo is so good that even high-end hi-fi systems risk being KO'd by its talents.
A series of pulse transformers designed to improve the balance of transmitter and receiver circuitry in hi-fi equipment and video games is now available from Newport Components.
If the item is well out of your reach, such as a new computer or piece of hi-fi equipment, why not negotiate a deal with your teen to pay for part of it if they are willing to save up and contribute a certain amount?
The signal-jamming equipment is packed into two wall-mounted boxes the size of small hi-fi speakers.
The EPC is designed to work alongside consumer electronics devices such as big screen TVs and hi-fi speaker rigs, rather than sit in the corner next to a monitor.
The last time I ordered video dubs, I made a point of telling the salesman that the tapes needed to be hi-fi stereo and he was insulted.
Items like TVs, hi-fi systems and DVD players could be tagged using the system so that if they are moved from their normal position the police are alerted.
For example, a firm that produces specialist hi-fi equipment would have difficulty in selling such goods to a mass market due to the highly specialized specifications of the product and the high price at which it is sold.
There might have been a case for this before the days of hi-fi recording, but now we no longer need music for its own sake.
We distributed CDs through reps who called on mom-and-pop hi-fi stores.