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hey / Эй!, Ну!
Hey!, Halloo!, Heigh!, Hi!, Ho!, Holla!
Well!, Now then!, Hey!, Hi!
used to attract attention, to express surprise, interest, or annoyance, or to elicit agreement.
hey, what's going on here?
‘Jenni? It's Will,’ the voice on the other end said. ‘Oh, hey Will,’ I smiled.
I read about all the interest and I think, hey fantastic, but nobody calls me.
I just called to say hey
It's at this time of the year that I like to say to myself, hey ! let's forget about the mistakes of the past year - and instead look forward with excitement to the year ahead.
So your kids might grow up a little cautious but, hey , is that so bad?
So we wrote these songs to say, hey , it's cool to be different, and don't be like the squares!
And if two people love each other and really believe they can be partners for life hey , good luck to 'em.
hey, don't I know it!
hey, what's going on here?
I just called to say hey