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hexahedron / шестигранник
имя существительное
имя существительное
a solid figure with six plane faces.
It is commonly called a cube but is formally known as a hexahedron .
It is commonly called a cube but is formally known as a hexahedron .
To build an origami hexahedron you will need three of these shapes with three different colors.
A hexahedron is a solid with 6 faces each composed of (in a regular hexahedron) squares.
The regular hexahedron is part of the family of 5 platonic solids, which are the most regular polyhedra.
Meshes comprised of hexahedrons are easier to visualize than meshes comprised of tetrahedrons.
The capsule is roughly hexahedral and comprises six edge-sharing triangles with two metal ions on each edge.
As a result, ICEM CFD Hexa allows you to generate high quality hexahedral grids in a fraction of the time that is traditionally required.
The eight-node hexahedral elements are therefore superior to tetrahedral elements for finite element analysis.
This paper presents a new approach for the generation of hexahedral finite element meshes for solid bodies in computer-aided design.
The proposition can now be stated in terms of hexahedra as follows: if seven of the eight vertices of a hexahedron lie on a sphere, then so does the eighth.