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hexagram / гексаграмма
имя существительное
имя существительное
a figure formed of six straight lines, in particular.
The Star of David is a hexagram but is not used to cast a hex on you.
The hexagram - and resultant star - is the one of the most powerful mystic symbols.
In 1876 Veronese was appointed as assistant in analytical geometry on the strength of his paper on Pascal's hexagram .
I went to the blackboard and drew the yin-yang symbol and the hexagram .
The hexagram , the well-known Hindu symbol of a six-pointed star, is also known as the Star of David or Jewish Star, and can be used to symbolise Israel or Jews.
The I Ching, oriental mysticism, is based on sixty-four hexagrams .
The most simple method of I Ching divination makes use of 3 coins to read the hexagrams .
The meanings of the hexagrams were divined many years ago by Chinese philosopher-priests in tune with the Tao (Chinese for path or way).
There's simply too much convergence between the hexagrams received and the life situations I'd asked about for it to be a coincidence.
Sixty-four different combinations of six broken or unbroken lines produce sixty-four different hexagrams .