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hexagon / шестиугольник
имя существительное
hexagon, sexangle
имя существительное
a plane figure with six straight sides and angles.
The design radiates symmetrically from a central point and is constructed from a pattern of circles, equilateral triangles, squares, hexagons and/or six-pointed stars.
You might define a more-general class polygon, which would have triangle as a subclass, along with other subclasses such as quadrilateral, pentagon and hexagon .
In the other case, the sides of the hexagon are parallel to the sides of the given triangle.
On the east side of the hexagon , opposite the entrance from the sea, there is a large porticoed square with its west side open to the harbour, and containing a central structure - possibly a temple.
They come in two shapes, either a square or a hexagon .
The first day of school, she told me that I must be pretty stupid if I didn't know a hexagon had six sides.
Perfect crystal structures can contain pyramids, cubes, or hexagons , but not pentagons.
This time the board is made up of hexagons (instead of squares) and up to four may play.
It is composed of pentagons and hexagons of carbon atoms arranged in a sphere, just like a football (or soccer ball for US readers).
Carbon atoms are linked into hexagons , and the hexagonal pattern makes up the walls of a cylinder only nanometers wide.
Secondly, simple, geometric plans such as squares, triangles, and hexagons are common to the most dramatic of these examples.