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hexadecimal / шестнадцатеричный
  • hexadecimal digit - шестнадцатиричное число
  • hexadecimal code - шестнадцатеричный код
имя прилагательное
relating to or using a system of numerical notation that has 16 rather than 10 as its base.
Another common way of writing bit-strings is to use the hexadecimal notation.
HTML has been set up to use this feature, allowing 2 hexadecimal digits per primary colour.
All you have to do is click on the color you want and the hexadecimal code is displayed for you.
Another common way of writing bit-strings is to use the hexadecimal notation.
A setup wizard to explain the steps and end the need for obscurities such as hexadecimal codes would go a long way toward making a great technology accessible.
Customers of legal age sign up for a user account, for which they are assigned a unique, 5-digit, hexadecimal PIN.
In this case, the initial part of the address is trimmed off and is printed hexadecimally , e.g., 0x80004000 prints as 4000.
All characters that occur in these rules as control characters (&, +, =, and %) are also transcribed hexadecimally in the same way as high value ASCII characters.
Also, remember that any special characters present in this url which might not normally be allowed (like spaces, slashes, and tildes) are hexadecimally encoded.
The number is displayed hexadecimally after the main program number.
The yellow color is expressed hexadecimally as 0xff, 0xff and 0x7f.