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hex / наговор, ведьма, заклинание
имя существительное
witch, hag, hex, harridan, hellcat, randy
spell, incantation, mantra, invocation, conjuration, hex
conjure, hex, wiz
bewitch, charm, hex, hoodoo
заниматься черной магией
имя существительное
a magic spell; a curse.
a death hex
cast a spell on; bewitch.
he hexed her with his fingers
Similarly, it is easier to introduce a hex , curse, cold, whatever, than it is to heal it, stop it, etc.
Remember the time when he tried to hex Ron and Professor McGonagall had to send him to see the headmaster?
In the latter game, the Dodgers finally ended a World series hex the Yankees held over them after losing to them in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952 and 1953.
He allegedly paid a witch doctor $150,000 in 2000 to put a hex on several Hollywood figures.
I just hope my talisman protects me from any hex you may cast upon my unwilling head.
a death hex
All right, first of all, I've been reading your columns and you're strangely optimistic this year and that in and of itself can hex the Red Sox as we know.
The next three bytes store the hex value 000001, which denotes a first-generation CPPM system, and are followed by a series of encrypted 8-byte Key Data values.
If anyone is offended they are welcome to hex me.
a death hex